Bark of ExcellenceSmart Dogs is a successful, established grooming salon that has been trading for 25 years. I am Suzanne Collins, APDT, PFI and BIPDT member and a trained metaphysical councillor. A qualified dog groomer for 28 years, I have been training dogs since 1985 and have worked with Hammersmith Training Club for 33 years.

At Smart Dogs, we pride ourselves on making the grooming process a pleasant experience for the dog. As a dog trainer/behaviourist and an animal communicator, I understand how dogs think. We ensure that the grooming salon is a stress-free environment, where dogs want to come to us.

We use a variety of methods that calm dogs:

• Tellington TTouch (a range of specific touches that soothe your dog)
• rescue remedy
• food treats while being groomed
• toys stuffed with food to keep the dogs amused while waiting
• calming bands for dogs that bark or have had bad experiences at other grooming salons. My carefully chosen staff are calm, confident and relaxed when grooming, bathing and drying the dogs, as dogs will pick up any anxiety or stress in a groomer. Unlike many new grooming salons, we do use crates, as the majority of dogs feel safe in them as it’s like being in his/her own den.

When dogs are left free, there could be fights or a timid dog could be afraid of another dog, have no safe place to go and, if this continued, would try to defend itself by growling or snapping – a behaviour we don’t want to encourage. We have a highly trained team that can brush, bath, clip or style your dog to breed standard, or whatever style you choose.

We will de-mat your dog when necessary, as long as it’s not going upset your dog; some dogs have high pain thresholds, others low pain thresholds and are more sensitive. If the dog has a matted coat, we do have to charge more as the process is time-consuming. We also express anal glands, cut your dog’s nails and clean their teeth and ears. End result your dog is not only pristine to look at, but happy too.

We like to help young puppies to get used to being groomed, being handled and brushed and to the sound of hair dryers and clippers. You may not think your puppy is ready for a groom but it is best for them to learn that grooming is a good experience, rather than to wait till s/he is older when new fears and anxieties can emerge. We are experienced in grooming dogs that are nervous or aggressive and are frequently referred from local vets. If you have a nervous or aggressive dog, we should be grateful if you could tell us in advance, so that we can set more time aside for your dog.

Prices Clipping and cutting:

from £35, depending on size of the dog Bath, brush and nail clipping: Short haired dogs - from £20 Long haired dogs - from £35 Hand stripping: Wire-haired dogs - from £50. There will be an extra charge for de-matting, depending on time needed.

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